Schools and Agencies

School Districts & Agencies

Let’s collaborate to provide educational and behavioral benefits for our mutual students and clients. Some of the services we offer are listed below. However, The Wayman Center can design a service model to meet the specialized needs of a school district or agency.

Working Together

Presentations: The Wayman Center offers a variety of presentations geared toward training school staff and professionals in the various applications of applied behavior analysis in the educational setting. Presentations can be tailored for a specific audience, providing the greatest benefit and utility for those attending. Experienced behavior analysts from The Wayman Center will utilize a combination of lecture, video, and sometimes even hands-on training, in order to increase the probability that attendees implement procedures in their own classrooms.

Presentation topics include:
Introduction to Analyzing and Reducing Problem Behaviors
Basic Behavioral Principles and Terminology
Verbal Operants (Mands, Tacts, etc.)
Increasing vocal and non-vocal communication
Criterion-Referenced Assessment (ABLLS-R and VB-MAPP)
Writing Measurable and Observable IEP Goals
Effective Use of Prompts
Motivating Reluctant Learners
Selecting Goals Based on Assessment
Discrete-Trial Teaching
Toilet Training
Recording and Graphing Data
Making Data-Based Decisions
Increase Communication by Teaching Signs
Making and Organizing Instructional Materials
Record Keeping
Shaping, Chaining, and Stimulus Fading
Writing FBA’s and BIP’s
Training Parents and Staff

Presentations can generally be shortened to provide a brief overview of basic applications, as well as lengthened to provide a more in-depth training opportunity. Additional presentation topics not listed above may be available upon request. Presentations may be tailored to the specific training needs of a school district.

Hands-on Staff Training: Often the best way for teachers and professionals to learn new skills is by practicing those skills first-hand. The Wayman Center offers hands-on training which allows staff to practice and implement behavior analytic teaching procedures with a student or client under the close supervision of an experienced behavior analyst. The hands-on training will include modeling, guided practice and independent practice, with direct feedback and recommendations, both written and in the moment, all to help ensure staff are left with increased fluency and comfort in correctly implementing behavior reduction and/or teaching procedures addressed during the training. Training sessions may be conducted with specific students/clients, helping staff gain skills specific to that individual’s needs.

Program Review/Recommendations: Experienced staff from The Wayman Center are available to review a student’s/client’s current instructional programming and provide objective recommendations for how the programming may be improved to best meet the needs of the child. Recommendations will identify programming areas in need of improvement and will include suggestions for specific goals/objectives, overall classroom management, accurately measuring and reporting progress and for improving teaching procedures.

FBA’s and BIP’s: At times, analyzing and reducing problem behaviors may be problematic and complex, requiring the involvement of a behavior analyst who is experienced in treating challenging behaviors in the school setting. The Wayman Center can help by conducting functional behavioral assessments and also by writing behavior intervention plans which fully communicate the various functions of the child’s problem behaviors, antecedent interventions for reducing problem behaviors, appropriate replacement behaviors and behavior management strategies which could be reasonably implemented in the school environment. Additional staff training for procedures described in the BIP is also available.

Setting up ABA-Based Classrooms: There is a growing demand for ABA-based instructional programming in the classroom setting, but it can be difficult to design and implement such a program without a knowledgeable behavior analyst on hand. The Wayman Center offers a comprehensive service to schools seeking to start ABA-based classrooms, which includes staff training and written recommendations for classroom setup, staffing ratios, data collection and measurement of progress, and materials management. Our goal is to provide schools with the training and assistance needed to conduct quality ABA instruction in the classroom setting.

Assessment Using ABLLS-R/VB-MAPP: The Wayman Center can assess a student’s current levels of performance using the ABLLS-R and VB-MAPP assessments, and also train staff to conduct these assessments.